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At A Taylored Body, you know what to expect. We have a fresh and friendly approach. Our doors open up to a feeling of community and comfort. We provide a relaxed, inviting and respectful environment because our ultimate concern is for your well being and education. Our goal is to know every consistent client so when they come through our doors it’s not just for a workout. Our relationships with our current clients are just like this. We’re more than trainers, we’re friends and we genuinely care. This is probably why our client retention is well above average. There’s nothing better than looking forward to a workout because you know you’ll actually enjoy your time there! You will have a sense of belonging where your questions and concerns about your fitness program will be addressed by a qualified and caring fitness instructor.

What are you waiting for? Get off the couch and get your workout on! You’ll never feel lost in the gym and you’ll always have someone waiting for you to show up! How’s that for accountability?

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Want to know why A Taylored Body is the best gym in Riverside?! Check out this client testimonial video describing what makes A Taylored Body different from the rest.

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Our trainers are highly trained and skilled. There ultimate goal is to help you reach your goal while doing it in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

  • Personal Trainer/Owner

    I began lifting weights and exercising my senior year of high school. I had always weighed about 115 pounds, but one day I woke up and weighed 145! Ev...

  • Spin Instructor

    Mallory is going into her 5th year at the UC Riverside, majoring in Business-Management and minoring in Native American studies. She is also a member ...

  • Personal Trainer

    Smitty is a former US Marine Corps Physical Training Instructor. When he is not training clients at ATB, he is currently an Amateur Boxing Coach with ...

  • Personal Trainer

    Hailey was one of our clients when she was in high school! She trained with us through college and even though she’s got a “real job” in chemica...

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